Shipyard East-Africa

for Damen Shipyards

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Shipyard East-Africa

Damen has started building an entirely new shipyard in East-Africa for the Ministry of Defence. eReM has been asked to deliver the whole electrical installation for this project. We deliver everything; from the high voltage transformer (10 kV) untill a large amount of distribution boards. The main distributor is an Okken panel. We also design and build several sub distributors and network panels. Besides, we deliver more than 5,5 kilometer of cable and a kilometer of busbar systems. For this project we will take care of the E&I detail engineering and panel building, what will be extended to site installation supervision and commissioning activities.

“During this project we make use of the Okken low voltage switchboard.”

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Replacement rectifier station panels

The replacement of the low voltage switchboards and control cabinets for a number of rectifier stations for metro lines ABC. View project
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