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New techniques

Panel building

eReM has over 60 years of experience in panel building. We are specialized in the production of various control panel desks and cabinets. We always work on request and build the panels according to your requirements. eReM has the capacity to work on multiple big and small projects at the same time.

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Detailed designs

E&I engineering

Next to building panels, we can also design them. Our engineers analyze and calculate panels according to your ideas and specifications. We make use of the latest 3D engineering tools, like EPLAN with Pro Panel. We take responsibility for a whole project.

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Integrated systems

Software engineering

eReM works as a system integrator in various industries. We make use of different brands of hard- and software. This way, we can advise you without being dependent on a certain brand. This will guarantee that you have the best PLC and SCADA systems for your specific process and industry.

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installatie op locatie
Efficient methods


Every industry has its own standards and requirements for installations. From requirements against danger for explosions to strict safety standards, whether this is in the food industry or in the offshore sector. eReM has experience in different industries and is familiar with all the standards and important factors.

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