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Okken Switchboards

eReM as licensed partner

The okken low voltage switchboard is a product of Schneider Electric. Schneider and eReM have started a partnership for the production of this unique switchboard. From now on, eReM is available to carry out projects with Okken! Designing, assembling and installing Okken switchboards are now a very important part of our company activities. The Okken switchboards can be recognized by their withdrawable power distribution groups and are particularly meant for the middle segment of heavy industry.

Advantages Okken

Okken is a high quality product and has been tested in accordance with the NEN-EN-IEC 61439-1 & 61439-2 norms. The Okken switchboard is available as Power Control Centre (PCC), Motor Control Centre (MCC) and Intelligent Power & Motor Control Centre (IP MCC). Furthermore, Okken has the following advantages:

  • Intelligent approach (Okken IP MCC)
  • Continuity of company activities, because the system can be expanded during operation
  • Optimal safety for employees
  • A compact design with connection options on the side and back
  • Easy withdrawable distribution groups
  • Components are worldwide availabe and prefabricated
  • High-quality internal flame arc resistance
  • Available for corrosive atmospheres
  • Available for earthquake-prone areas
  • Available for nuclear processing sites
Zware industrie


The Okken switchboard is particularly suitable for process automation in the Oil & Gas, petrochemical and offshore market. eReM has a lot of experience in these sectors and we can provide you with suitable advice. We do not only deliver the switchboard to you, but we can think along with you during the entire automation process. That is the advantage of working with eReM!

Okken MCC


  • Maximum busbar rating up to 7300 A
  • Maximum rating of Power Control Centre up to 6300 A
  • Maximum rating of Motor Control Centre up to 250 kW
  • Protection category: IP30 to IP54
  • Protection category against mechanical effects: IK10
  • Metal housings: electrophoresis treatment and hot polymerised polyester epoxy powder
  • Mounting plates, base and roof plates are made of galvanised metal sheet
Download the Okken brochure here