Renovation rectifier stations

for RET

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Replacement rectifier station panels

For RET, the biggest public transportation company in Rotterdam, eReM has built several new control panels for the renovation of rectifier station Prinsenlaan, by order of Volker Energy Solutions. Next to panel building, eReM was also responsible for the detail engineering. We have built two temperature monitoring panels, a low voltage switchboard, a network panel, a marshalling panel and a control cabinet for the catenary switch. The renovation of metro station Prinsenlaan is a pilot project. After the commissioning of the new installation, several projects for other stations will be started. With the renovation of the rectifier stations, RET can keep the reliability and punctuality of the metro at the desired level!
ret gelijkrichterstation

“After this rectifier station, several other stations will follow.”

for An oil mixing plant in the Botlek

Stainless steel 316 cabinets Botlek

The delivery of stainless steel 316 cabinets for the control system of two new oil tanks. View project
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