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eReM’s installation department is expanding enormously. Next to carrying out entire E&I installation projects, we can also offer additional services to our customers. In this blog, two of these services will be illustrated.

Thermographic inspection

Thermography is a measuring method for monitoring differences in temperature with an infra-red camera in installations. This way, unwanted hotspots can be found. Thermographic inspections are carried out in order to minimize unplanned service activities and to make sure new components are available in time. Thermography is necessary for guaranteeing fire safety, but also for stopping the aging of components. A periodic inspection is always recommended.

Flir camera

Common causes that can lead to an unwanted hotspot, are:

  • Bad connections
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Load imbalance
  • Insufficient cooling

The results are written down in an extended report, provided with urgency codes.

Power Quality measurement

A different method for getting more information about an installation, is by carrying out a power quality measurement. With this measurement, the power supply of the installation will be registered. A power quality measurement is not a snapshot, but takes place over a longer period of time. The measuring equipment will be connected to a distribution device. By registering several measurands, among power, flow, frequency, cosinus phi etc., we can gain understanding about installations and their heavy users. By replacing the equipment to several points in the installation, more information can be found about certain notable areas. 

Common motives for power quality measurements, are:

  • There are plans for enlargement of an installation, but there is doubt about the capacity in the power distributor.
  • A malfunction takes place and the cause needs to be found.

The results of every measurement will be noted in a report and recommendations will be made. 

eReM is able to perform an entire thermographic inspection or power quality measurement for its customers and we have the right equipment at our disposal. Besides, our mechanics will provide you of appropriate advise. Contact us now and ask about the possibilities.

Thermografie en Power Quality

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