Review Masterclass EPLAN

Masterclass EPLAN at eReM

Thursday afternoon March 15th, a group of MBO (community college) teachers has attended a masterclass EPLAN at eReM. The aim of this masterclass was to show the teachers how the engineering tool EPLAN is used in practice and how it helps to automate corporate processes. The afternoon started with a lunch and a company presentation and was followed by a presentation about the use of EPLAN and Pro Panel. Next, there was a guided tour in our workshops and the masterclass was ended with a short presentation about the future of EPLAN.

Masterclass EPLAN

Presentation EPLAN and Pro Panel

The program EPLAN is used for all engineering activities at eReM. The presentation reflected the fact that EPLAN results in standardisation and that is has a connection with several processes in the company. Possible problems will always be noticed in an early stage and therefore, projects can be realised in an efficient way. Besides, 3D designs can be created with EPLAN Pro Panel. The engineers can already make a layout for the control panel in an early stage. A short demonstration was given for both programs.

Guided tour workshop

During the guided tour in the workshop, the entire process of design until delivery was shown. The process of the CNC-machine (Kiesling), that has a connection with Eplan, was explained and shown. With this machine, cutouts can easily be made in plates. It is not necessary to measure the cutouts manually. There is also a connection with the Secarex cutter for cable trays.

Masterclass EPLAN

The next level

In the final part of the Masterclass, information was given about the future of EPLAN at eReM. There are several possibilities to extend the connection with the program. For example, heat calculations and virtual wiring can be added to the tool. Besides, in the future it is possible to control a laser machine and a wiring robot through the system.

Positive reactions

We look back at a nice and informative afternoon! Also the participants were positive about the masterclass. A few quotes of the teachers:

  • “The Masterclass gave a good reflection of the design and realisation of a product.”
  • “The advantages regarding traditional versus modern engineering were made clear.”
  • “For schools it is always very interesting to take a look in business practice.”
  • “Interesting explanation of the connection between EPLAN and practical experience.”

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