eReM starts climbing CSR Ladder

The CSR Performance Ladder

eReM has taken the first steps to climb the CSR Performance Ladder. CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility and means that companies are willing to take responsibility for social problems, like pollution or climate change. The upcoming time we will start adjusting our management system in order to meet the CSR-P 2013 norm. First, we will strive for a certificate at level 1 and then level 2. In the near future, the final goal is to take the step towards a level 3 certificate.

Investing in a better future

MVO 2CSR puts the three concepts Profit, People and Planet together. Next to attention for financial aspects of a company (Profit), attention should be paid to social (People) and environmental (Planet) aspects. All company processes should be tuned with these three aspects and this way we hope to contribute to society as well.

Why now?

The demand for sustainable products and services has increased over the years. In the long term, this demand will only get higher and companies will be forced to take action by the government. Besides, there is also some morality involved. Investing now, results in a modern organisation with enthusiastic employees. Therefore, we are very motivated to start working with the CSR Performance Ladder.


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