eReM receives Panel Building Quality Label

Awarded by Fedet

A few months ago, eReM received a Quality Label for Panel Building, that was awarded by the Fedet. Fedet is the federation for panel building in the Netherlands. With this quality label we can prove that we always deliver high quality products and that we always work according to the latest rules and regulations. eReM is one of the first panel builders in the Netherlands that has received the quality label.

Quality guaranteed

Dutch panel builders often have to deal with competitors from low-wage countries. However, the Dutch market is much smaller and more specialised. With the Panel Building Quality Label, we can show that we lead the way in innovation, intake and training in order to stay ahead of the competition. This way, the Dutch quality is being guaranteed.

Recognition of the label

The Panel Building Quality Label has been awarded to us, because we meet the following requirements:

  1. We demonstrably work according to the latest laws and regulations, in which the quality of the processes is guaranteed.
  2. We make use of calibrated tools, test and measurement equipment when assembling and testing panels.
  3. We make use of standardised test procedures that apply to the panels in accordance with the applicable guidelines.
  4. The output of the engineering work is provided with tests and calculations regarding short circuit and power loss, heating of the panel and selectivity calculations.
  5. Panels are, if applicable, provided with a CE marking.

All descriptions above are based on the norms NEN-EN-IEC-60204-1 and NEN-EN-IEC-61439-1.

Advantages for the customer

With obtaining the Panel Building Quality Label, we can prove that we have all knowledge and experience to produce high quality products for our customers. With the strict quality inspections by Fedet, we are constantly working on optimizing our processes. You are guaranteed to get a safe, trustworthy and excellent working panel. Are you looking for a qualified panel builder? Contact us today!

Download our Panel Building Quality Label here (only available in Dutch).

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