eReM Elektrotechnici joins P&V Panels Group

With due pride we can now announce that eReM Elektrotechnici BV is merging with the Belgian P&V Panels.

With 300 employees, a head office in Heusden-Zolder and branches in Kortrijk and Genk, P&V Panels is the largest panel builder in the Benelux. They engineer, build, maintain and upgrade distribution and control panels for every possible sector.

eReM’s Sales Director Sander van Gool states: “This move gives eReM extra clout and is in line with our international ambitions. In addition, we gain access to knowledge and expertise that goes further than just building panels. Off course, we will continue to do what we are good at: eReM remains your total partner in industrial automation projects.”

Operationally nothing changes. You keep your trusted contacts within eReM, we deliver the same quality as always and the same management team continues to watch over that quality.

““This move gives eReM extra clout and is in line with our international ambitions.” -Sander van Gool, Sales Director eReM Elektrotechnici BV

International growth

CEO Joris Vrancken explains: “After a series of takeovers in Belgium, we also want to take up our position across the border. The first projects of P&V Panels in the Netherlands had been a fact for several years. But the panel construction itself still took place at the head office in Heusden-Zolder (BE). For us, this acquisition is therefore a logical next step on the Dutch market. In our business you simply have to be close to your customers in order to serve them optimally. This is not only in the construction of panels, but overall in the design, construction, maintenance and upgrade of control panels. There are few Dutch peers who can offer this total package. So the opportunity is there.”

“This is a win-win for both parties” -Joris Vrancken, CEO P&V Panels

Entering the Dutch market through Zwijndrecht

““This is a win-win for both parties,” emphasizes Vrancken. “In addition to building distribution panels, eReM gains access to the experience and expertise of P&V Panels as an all-rounder. Plus the clout of a group that is the largest in the Benelux.” Vrancken continues: “Conversely, we gain access to the Dutch market from Zwijndrecht and we bring new knowledge on board. eReM is strong in industrial automation projects and also has know-how of specific integration in that market. They are also a well-known name in international projects. In short: many synergies are possible.” In order to make maximum use of this synergy and to ensure continuity, two of the three Dutch board members will remain on board.

From left to right: Joris Vrancken (CEO P&V Panels), Wouter Speksnijder (Financial Director eReM Elektrotechnici BV), Ben Pijl (retiring board member) en Sander van Gool (Sales Director eReM Elektrotechnici BV).


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