Engineers take EPLAN to the next level

EPLAN Certified Program

In 2018, our engineers start with the EPLAN Certified Program. With this program, they enhance their skills and knowledge of the engineering tool EPLAN. With the completion of this program, eReM will distinguish from other EPLAN users in the market. The program is a label for quality engineering. Our customers can be assured of the fact that they work with high-quality engineers.


EPLAN electrical P8 is an engineering tool that is used for all engineering activities at eReM. This program offers the possibility to perform adjustments automatically, in opposition to for example basic cad programs, where this needs to be done manually. Examples of adjustments are: the addition of cable tray drawings, item lists, tables of contents and cable lists. eReM could automise several production processes with the use of EPLAN. Besides, the chance of making mistakes has been minimized.

A central database

By the use of a central database, all data is directly available to all engineers. Moreover, all linked macro’s always look the same. At this moment, there are many suppliers that offer their products through EPLAN Dataportal. We can directly imports those products with EPLAN. With the use of Dataportal, we expand our database daily.

Next to an article database, eReM also has an extended database of plot frames and forms. Also new plot frames and forms can be made, based on the specific requirements of the customer. Naturally, all plot frames and forms are directly available to all engineers. Automatically, project specific data will be filled in. It is not necessary to do this manually for every page.

eplan certified engineer

3D models

Next to creating schemes in EPLAN, eReM uses Pro Panel. With this tool, panels can be designed in 3D. At the beginning of a design, an engineer can already estimate the possibilities for the layout of the panel with this tool. A great advantage of this tool is that it is not necessary to wait until the panel is build in real life.

Pro Panel has a direct connection with the CNC-machine (Kiesling) at eReM. This way, cutouts can easily be made in plates. It is not necessary to measure the cutouts manually.

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