WHCP with Schneider Modicon PLC

for Taqa Energy B.V.

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WHCP with Schneider Modicon PLC

For a production platform of Taqa Energy B.V., eReM has designed, programmed, build and installed a new control panel. We carried out this project via the Schneider Alliance program, because of our knowledge and experience in software and panel building. The new control panel replaces the system that controls the existing Wellhead Control Panel (WHCP). The WHCP regulates the hydraulic system in a safe and controlled way. This system includes pumps, filters and sensors that control the valves at the bottom of the sea. For this new system, eReM has applied a Schneider Modicon PLC. This PLC communicates with the existing ESD and PCS system. Together with local control, this generates a safe production. Both the panel and the software have been extensively tested. After placing and adjusting the wiring, the platform could go back into production.

WHCP Modicon

“Because of eReM’s experience, this project was carried out via the Schneider Alliance program.”

Windpark Borssele

for TenneT

Wind farm Borssele

Building and installing the control panels for Borssele Landstation 2.

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