Wind farm Borssele

for TenneT

Windpark Borssele

The order

Wind farm Borssele

Because of the Agreement on Energy for Sustainable Growth, a lot of money is invested in wind farms at sea. TenneT is responsible for the project Net op Zee: building a complete new wind farm at Borssele. Subcontractor Joulz has given eReM the order to build and install more than 70 control panels for Borssele Landstation 2. Our installation department will take care of wiring and connecting the panels. Also subcontractor HSM has approached eReM for building almost 40 interface panels at the energy platforms. We are very proud of scoring this huge project! Shortly we will start building the panels and in the end of May 2018 the project will be delivered. The net connection of the new energy platforms together accounts for 1400 MW.

“Both Joulz and HSM have chosen to co-operate with eReM.”

besturingspaneel water

for A pharmaceutical company

Replacement of water intake panel

Het ontwerpen en bouwen van een nieuw PLC-besturingspaneel ter vervanging van een oud relais gestuurd paneel.

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