Life-extending maintenance Oosterscheldekering

for ABB Proces Automation commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat

The order

Life-extending maintenance Oosterscheldekering

Recently, ABB, supported by eReM, has conducted a study into the possibilities of keeping the operating system of the Oosterscheldekering in operation until at least 2037. An important aspect of this study was guaranteeing the availability of the flood defense system. The heart of the control is triple redundant in order to limit the possible failure of the barrier to an absolute minimum. A number of subsystems were so outdated that it was decided to completely redesign them. The study was successfully concluded with a Proof of Concept in which ABB and eReM jointly demonstrated that the newly designed systems function fully as expected by the customer and have no negative effect on the availability of the flood defense system. This successful collaboration has led to an order to renovate the entire Process Automation system to maintain the barrier until at least 2037.

“Successful cooperation between customer and contractor leads to a renovation assignment that involves E&I engineering, panel building and installation.”

for Duurzaam Voorne Holding BV

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