Extension of production and storage

for De Oliebron

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Extension production and storage

For De Oliebron (Dutch for: The Oil Well), producer of lubricants, we have realised a threefolded project. In the first fase, the production capacity has been enhanced with 25%. This could be achieved by adding an extra blending cauldron. eReM has performed all installation activities for this cauldron and build, designed and installed the panels that control the pumps, including software. The second part of the project covered the enhancement of the stock capacity for final products by placing four compartment tanks. Also three compartment tanks have been added in order to enhance the stock capacity for raw materials. For these tanks, eReM has also performed the installation activities. For the supply and offload of oil in the tanks, eReM has performed the panel building, E&I and software engineering and installation. The panels have been integrated in the existing control system.

“A threefolded project in which all our services were combined.”

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