Experiencing arc flash with Virtual Reality

You always try to avoid certain situations in your work environment, many safety trainings are aimed at preventing such situations. Understanding the danger is imperative, experiening the danger yourself is a different story. Thanks to the safety training of the Van der Heide company, our field engineers were able to experience an arc flash and electrocution through Virtual Reality (VR). Completely safe and extremely realistic.

Incredibly realistic

Virtual Reality veiligheidstraining

Virtual Reality safety training

The training starts with the impressive story of trainer René Danen, who himself survived an electrocution. This emphasizes the importance of working safely. However, no matter how impressive a story is, it still feels like something far away. Experiencing the danger themselves makes the employee much more aware of what can go wrong. That is why the Virtual Reality safety training has been developed. By performing a number of actions in the simulated VR environment, our team experiences how quickly a dangerous situation can arise. The danger is lurking when we work under time pressure or when production cannot be interrupted, while all personal protective equipment (PPE) is virtually available.

An experience not to forget

VR training Van der Heide

Mehmet Yilmaz (eReM) and René Danen (Van der Heide)

The brain registers the virtual environment as reality just seconds after putting on the VR glasses. This creates an actual shock effect when experiencing the arc flash and the electrocution. A safe way to raise the employees awareness of safety. The training is about how an innocent choice could have a big impact. Our team experienced the training as very useful. One of our employees who followed the training, Mehmet Yilmaz said, “Of course safety is always a big concern, but I did not think that an arc flash would be so intense. I was able to get a clearer picture of a dangerous situation, the training is a wakeup call to me.”

More information?

Would you like more information about the safety training through Virtual Reality? Please contact Arjan Jungbeker or René Danen (Van der Heide) at 088 – 63 63 163.

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