eReM is an official PDO supplier

Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) has appointed and approved eReM Elektrotechnici BV as an official supplier. We are proud of that at eReM! PDO is one of the leading oil and gas exploration and production companies in the Middle East and thus has the largest share of the production and supply of oil and gas in Oman.

Collaborate with PDO

It is not self-evident to be allowed to produce on behalf of Petroleum Development Oman. If you want to do business with the government organization, you must be qualified by PDO. This is done by means of a technical evaluation / audit by a “Corporate Functional Discipline Head” (CFDH), to be included on the “approved vendor list” after approval. This makes eReM one of the official suppliers of Petroleum Development Oman for the supply and installation of control panels, cabling and switchboards, at least until March 2023. Feel free to download our certificate here.

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