Big projects, carried out simultaneously

A filled workshop

Constructie eReMPeople work hard at eReM’s workshop.  The construction, assembly, wiring and test workshops are filled with loads of panels. We work on multiple projects simultaneously and we are proud of the employees who get this done in a short time. At this moment, there are over 250 panels in our company!

bedrading eReM     testruimte eReM

Growing capacity

tent eReMTo be able to house all these panels, we decided to place a temporary facility next to our own building in the Summer of 2017. This way, we can still meet the increasing need of our customers.

Also the number of employees in our company has increased. Right now we have over 50 people and that is only in our workshop! eReM is growing and we are proud of the achieved results.

Werkplaats eReM

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