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Wind farm Borssele - follow up

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Wind farm Borssele - follow up

After succesfully completing the project for the Alpha station and land station, eReM has scored another scope for wind farm Borssele. This time, we will build the panels for the Bèta station. Subcontractors IV Offshore & Energy and Joulz have chosen eReM as their partner again and this time we build 38 control panels and 20 interface panels for the new platform. The panel building will be completed by the end of May 2019. Wind farm Borssele will have a connection with the Dutch electricity network and accounts for 1400 MW! The Alpha platform will be completed this year and Bèta will be ready in 2020. eReM builds more than 200 panels for the new wind farm!

“In total, eReM builds more than 200 panels for this wind farm!”

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Replacement switch heating panels

The replacement of the track switch heating panels at various subway tracks.

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