Reconstructing syrup mixers

for A soda producer

Siroopmixers ombouw

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Reconstructing syrup mixers

At a soda factory, syrup is mixed with water, bottled and packed. The components of the existing control panel of the mixer were no longer deliverable. In the case of a breakdown, replacement would not be possible anymore. In order to prevent production loss, the system had to be replaced by a new PLC controlled panel. The system is designed, build, programmed and installed by us. A Siemens S7-1500 PLC in combination with several Siemens operator screens and a few remote IO stations were chosen. This was done on the base of Profinet. Read the entire story on our blog.

“The new system resulted in an optimization of the production process.”

for Cabot

Unit 4 upgrade

The replacement of an old DCS/PLC installation to Delta V.

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