Panel heating process

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Panel heating process

A great achievement by our colleagues! Together with our client DWG Automation, we managed to deliver a control panel to a customer within a very short time. The customer urgently needed this panel for a production process in his plant. A successful FAT took place on July 1st at our location. That was exactly 5 weeks after DWG got the order from the customer. Within these 5 weeks, the quotation from our side has been completed, the work preparation has been done, all materials have been purchased and the panel has been completely mounted and wired. DWG has taken care of the engineering and has written, loaded and tested the software. A successful project with a great and fast collaboration between the different companies!
DWG samenwerking

“Good collaboration and flexibility between eReM and DWG.”

for A producer within the chemical industry

Test panel chemical process

The designing, delivering, installing and commissioning of a control panel for the purpose of testing a chemical process. View project