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Migration ABB Sattline

for ABB Industrial Automation

Migration ABB Sattline

In the second Heinenoord Tunnel, eReM has replaced two control panels. These panels control the safety sensors, cameras and fans (among other things). The system had to be replaced, because many components were outdated and spare parts were no longer available. The I/O points of the old Sattline system could be transferred to a new ABB S200 system. For this order, eReM has carried out the E&I engineering, panel building and installation. The system was taken care of by ABB. It was a huge challenge, because the panels needed to be operational in a limited time. Within a day, the second Heinenoord Tunnel had to be usable for traffic again. The job was a pilot, because this tunnel is meant for slow traffic only. Afterwards, the systems of other tunnels will follow, that will need to be replaced at night. A challenging job with a lot more work to come!

“A great challenge because of the time limit of 1 day!”

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