Our history

A look at the past

Our first years

R. Michels

In 1957 eReM was founded by mister R. Michels in Rotterdam. Back then, the company was specialized in the production of electric installations. In 1966 a sheet-metal factory was commissioned in Zwijndrecht. From that point, we could start building control panels and cabinets.

In 1973 the entire company was moved to Zwijndrecht. A separate room for wiring and assembling components was build. In 1979 a room for paintwork was ready to use.

In 1980 the floor area covered 1100 m². In the first 25 years, seperate departments started to rise: engineering, conctruction, assembly, installation and engraving. These departments were the start of the different disciplines eReM has right now. In the meantime we have become much more than a company for electrical installations. We now work on entire automation projects over the wide world.