From Porto to Rotterdam: Pedro's journey to engineering excellence

In January, we welcomed Pedro to our team. Pedro, originally from sunny Porto, Portugal, moved to the Netherlands late last year with his wife. Despite the challenges, Pedro and his wife quickly settled in Rotterdam. We spoke with him about his experiences and ambitions.

Welcome, Pedro! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your background?

“Sure! I’m 30 years old and I come from Porto, Portugal. Before moving to the Netherlands, I worked for ten years in the automotive industry, mainly dealing with car parts. I gained a lot of experience, but in Portugal, I hit a wall in terms of further career development. It was always my dream to go abroad to gain more experiences and expand my skills.


What brought you to the Netherlands, and specifically to our company?

“I was approached by eReM and after a conversation with Leo Koot, I was immediately interested. I wanted to ‘play in the Champions League,’ as I call it. The Netherlands seemed like a great place to learn about new industries, such as renewable energy and chemical plants. Additionally, I was looking for an international work environment, and Rotterdam offers exactly that.””


How has life in Rotterdam been so far?

“Rotterdam is really a great city. We enjoy the international atmosphere and everything the city has to offer. It’s also amazing to see how helpful and understanding people are here. Despite what I had heard about the Dutch being direct and cold, I haven’t experienced that at all. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Moreover, the weather conditions here are much better than everyone in Portugal had expected!”


Can you tell us something about your work and daily tasks?

“As an engineer, I work on projects that have been sold and approved. I analyze if all information and technical specifications are present and if they meet the requirements. Then I develop solutions according to these specifications, such as designing cabinets and ensuring everything fits and works well in terms of heat distribution and wiring. After that, I send it to the client for approval and discuss the technical details. I also supervise the building process in the workshop and sometimes visit projects to see them in real life. I really love that; you see the project come to life.”


What are your future plans and dreams within the company? 

“In the future, I would love to not only be involved in the technical aspect but also deal more with clients, make offers, and play a bigger role in the entire project. I really want to manage the full scope of a project.”


How do you find the working atmosphere and support within our company?

“The working atmosphere is great. There are no strict hierarchies and you can talk to everyone in the same way, whether it’s the director, a manager, or a colleague. Everyone is friendly and approachable. The company also values experience a lot, which can be difficult in Portugal without the necessary degrees, even if you have the knowledge. The short lines of communication and informal interactions with Leo make you feel always supported, both work-wise and personally.”

Would you recommend others to work at eReM?

“Absolutely! If you love challenges, enjoy working on a variety of projects, and want to improve yourself, this is a great company. I’ve already had several training sessions, and the opportunities to grow and learn are plentiful here.”

What is the biggest difference between your previous employer and eReM?

“Every company often says ‘these things only happen here,’ but some development problems, like clients changing specifications or not knowing exactly what they want, happen everywhere. So the grass isn’t always greener. But a big plus here is the free coffee, which I really consider a luxury! (Laughing out loud)” 

Thank you very much for your time, Pedro. We are happy to have you on our team and look forward to your contributions to future projects.


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